UI | UX Design Audit

The purpose of the UI | UX Design Audit is to benchmark a product, and its current problems and highlight any areas of weakness to help suggest improvements.

Let's get to know your customers!

Evaluate your website/apps from a user experience perspective. 

Design audit helps to do revamp or enhancement which makes sure, that the current app is consistent throughout and still has a good User Experience.

Ensuring accessibility, UI components, and design unity requirements.

We'll analyze your existing product design and tell you what works and what should be improved. You decide when the time is right to make those changes.

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Identify issues, present findings and set priorities. Let ERNI help you by conducting the Design Audit.

Conducting our design audit, we evaluate using Usability Heuristics along with design and web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). We assess them based on these UX Principles, Visual Design (VD), Interaction Design (ID), and Information Architecture (IA).

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Pavo Kohler

Managing Director ERNI Asia-Pacific

[email protected]

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